Benefits of Babywearing

“Baby wearing does good things for babies, and it makes life easier for mothers”

Dr. William and Martha Sears

I can’t wait to finally hold my precious!!…

From the time you see the coveted double line on the pregnancy test till the time you can hear the midwife shout “I can see the baby’s head!” there is definitely nothing more special than meeting your baby for the very first time.

Having a baby is a completely life changing, BUT a blissful experience…

The next few weeks solely involve you nurturing and caring for your baby – taking in that beautiful baby smell, running to them every time they break into a paroxysm of tears, attending to their every little whimper, placing your fingers in their palms and then melting when they gently curl their pearly fingers over yours, listening intently to their faint grunts while they sleep…and the list goes on! Not to forget that you can officially say goodbye to a full nights sleep for at least the next 12 months!

When reality kicks in…

The first few weeks fly by, and although they were intensely overwhelming, let’s admit – you absolutely loved every second and would do anything to go back in time and savour it all over again! It’s not long however, till reality finally sets in and you realise that you also have a bunch of other responsibilities that you must look after without compromising on the care you give your little bub.

Your child is solely dependent on you for absolutely everything and as much as we hate to admit, this can become extremely demanding especially when needing to take care of other necessary chores. These will probably include attending to an older child, getting back to managing the household, running errands, going back to work, so on and so forth.

Baby wearing to the rescue!...

This is where the joy of baby wearing comes in. Busy moms needn’t relinquish the treasure of having their baby close to them. Wearing your baby helps you to get on with regular day to day life without compromising on the attention you give your baby – the bonding, companionship and nurturing can still prevail while you get on with the rest of your day!

Besides feeding and nourishment, human contact with your baby is paramount. Other than these two very crucial aspects, your baby needs nothing more than your soft warm cuddles all night – and day!

Your baby cries less…

It is a common myth that holding and carrying your baby leads to a fussier and more demanding child with subsequent behavioural problems later in life. Doctors and psychologists state that in fact the opposite is true – parents who regularly wore their baby as oppose to those who didn’t had babies who actually cried less, were not fussy at all and grew up to be confident and friendly children.

It is a great learning experience for your baby…

When worn by their caregiver, babies see the world from their point of view, from hearing conversations at close proximity, observing your facial expressions and seeing you run your daily errands, experiencing an array of different aspects of day-to-day life which is a huge learning experience for them.

It significantly helps meet your baby’s physical needs by mimicking the womb…

Baby wearing not only helps babies develop emotionally and socially, it also significantly meets their physical needs. Have you ever wondered why walking your baby suddenly makes them stop crying? That’s because babies LOVE motion and movement. Being in a wrap and moving with the caregiver directly mimics the feeling of being in the womb and this is great for easing babies into the atmosphere of the outer world. Being able to hear their caregivers heartbeat, feel their warmth against their body are all factors that will deeply comfort your child.

Instils confidence and reduces the sense of vulnerability in babies…

Babies are vulnerable because they are 100% dependent on their caregiver for absolutely everything. Baby wearing allows the caregiver and child to be at utmost proximity, which means all their needs can be immediately taken care of, this subsequently leads to babies who fuss less because they are confident that their caregiver will look after them and therefore grow up to be less needy and more self-assured when they’re older.

You'll be reassured that you're doing a good job!

Parents experience a huge boost in their confidence when baby wearing. Therefore, a baby who isn’t crying instantly makes the parent feel competent and reassures them that all their hard work is paying off!

There is nothing worse for a mother who spends countless sleepless nights trying to soothe her baby but to no avail, instilling feelings of guilt, failure and frustration about their capability as a parent. This can have dire consequences, post natal depression being the main.

Having a baby at such close proximity for such long periods of time means parents very quickly catch on to their baby’s cues, as oppose to them waiting for the baby to start crying and getting distressed before they can figure out what they want. The baby too feels more confident when they don’t have to resort to crying every time they need something.

You'll be reassured that you're doing a good job!

Baby wearing allows mothers who are breastfeeding to nurse more which in turn will help the baby with better weight gain, not to mention bonding and laying the foundation for a beautiful relationship with your cherub. First and foremost, when the baby is in the sling you can offer the breast to the baby BEFORE they start fussing. Because the baby is close to the breast, he will not fuss anyway, just mere rooting will begin and that will tell Mummy right away what to do next. The sling can then be simply pulled over the baby’s head while he feeds away and mum can get on with the rest of her tasks with ease.

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