The Mama Cuddle Baby Wrap Carrier is your ultimate baby carrier. Made with 100% Natural Fibres, it’s Super Light and Soft making it perfect in the heat as well as cooler temperatures. Most importantly, the Mama Cuddle grows with your baby, which means you can use it right from birth up until your little angel is around 11kg.


At Mama Cuddle, we believe comfort for you and your baby is paramount, therefore our lightweight fabric is extremely easy to tie and doesn’t at all cause any strain on your back, shoulders or neck like other carriers, and babies absolutely love it! In the words of Dr. William and Martha Sears “Baby wearing does good things for babies, and it makes life easier for mothers”


Besides feeding and nourishment, human contact with your baby is vital. Other than these two very crucial aspects, your baby needs nothing more than your soft warm mama cuddles! Get on with your day without compromising on the time and love you give to your precious with the Mama Cuddle Baby Wrap Carrier.


Our wraps come in 7 stunning colours for you to choose from, each one to match a different mood or outfit!

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